The Power of Three

 So…. the lovely James tagged me…they do say that all good things come in threes after all!

Three Things That Scare Me:
Aeroplanes – travelling on them, thinking about travelling on them, looking at them
Big Fish

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
The Boy
Dr Evil
Jack Dee

Three Things I Love:
The smell of fresh coffee
Buying presents for people

Three Things I Hate:

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
My mind
How people can believe in God (no offence meant)
Why i’m not one of those naturally skinny people

Three Things On My Desk:
My phone
A parcel for Stand on the Right
My food diary

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
Writing this
Listening to The Boy watching the football
Feeling blue

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
See the Northern Lights
Travel on the trans-Siberian express
Feel like i’m worthy

Three Things I Can Do:
Read and translate Spanish and French
Give really good….. no no…. impartial advice 😉
Tell someone i love them

Three Things I Can’t Do:
Speak or write Spanish and French all that well
Look in the mirror and be happy with what i see
Go into Top Shop without buying something

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
Your heart
Pachelbel Cannon D – it gives me goosebumps
Other people’s problems

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
People who only think about themselves
The words of a jealous person
Celine Dion

Three Things I’d Like To Learn (but won’t):
To play the guitar
To like myself just as i am

Three Favourite Foods:
Toffee Popcorn
White sauce/Cheese sauce
Apple Crumble and custard

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
Count Ducular
She-Ra (Princess of Power)
Captain Planet

Three Bloggers I’ve tagged:
Stand on the Right
Retrospect Man

31 thoughts on “The Power of Three

  1. concertmaster says:

    Good answers Pinky! (except the God one 😉 )
    I agree with a lot of these – especially magicians (very freaky), Jack Dee (very funny), fresh coffee (yum!), and Count Ducular (quite possibly the best programme ever).

    Hope you’re not feeling too blue?


  2. i made some fresh coffee today though and it’s just never as good as in the big coffee chains!!

    yeah, pretty blue, i have been all weekend!


  3. concertmaster says:

    Oh no! Poor PJB! What’s up?


  4. i might post about it later on… obviously, i have no idea what is up, as usual!


  5. concertmaster says:

    Well, hope you’re OK. You not ‘meebo-ing’ these days?


  6. oooo hang on, i’ll come and chat to you on your page xx


  7. James says:

    Ooo Pinky – The Northern Lights – I saw them in Canada 3 years ago and it’s spectacular. Definitely a good one for your list.


  8. retrospectical says:

    You’ve tagged me. You’re my first tagging person ever, which would be excellent news… expect now I have to do something! Eyes down…


  9. James i am officially jealous!

    Retro i’m expecting good work from you boy…


  10. retrospectical says:

    I’m slightly scared. But being scared makes my mind go blank, so stop it.


  11. Fabulous says:

    oooh i have been tagged.. oh ok i will get onto that.. lol.. I just like to say that the Northern lights are amazing. I have seen them twice.. yay


  12. Hey, Ive left my phone in the house. Wont be able to call you on lunch. But Ill meet you in the pub near the station.


  13. Retro you did well!!!

    Fabby i’m very jealous!! you’ll have to give me one of your times! lol

    Boy i know you did. silly sausage x


  14. How did you know? I didint know until I was on the train. Youre much brainer then me.


  15. toomuchinfo says:

    u would have struggled with my old job at airports!


  16. toomuchinfo says:

    i went up north and their lights looked the same as the ones down south.


  17. Boy i just know these things 😉

    TMI i couldn’t work in an airport!! no way


  18. Becca says:

    Whats wrong with mushrooms!? I grow my own and they are delicious, but not magic if you know what I mean!?


  19. Why don’t I remember Captain Planet? And why are you scared of Magicians? Is it because of Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee? So many questions. Ooh – one more… does Austin Powers make you laugh too, or is just his nemesis? Over.


  20. Becca they’re all squeaky on your teeth!! ick

    Retro you do!!! Captain planet, he’s our hero – earth, wind, fire, water, heart… with the rings and all that? no?
    Becasue when i was 3 i had one for my birthday, he said he was going to cut all my hair off – i wasn’t impressed and hid in the kitchen cupboard!
    and just Dr Evil…. you know in the second one where he’s on the chair and it’s spinning and won’t stop!!! oh oh oh so funny


  21. Pete says:

    Pinky baby! Cool quiz! I have of course filched it. I am impressed by your French and Spanish skils, that is pretty darn cool!


  22. thanks Petey!! i watched Pan’s Laberynth last night (it’s in Spanish) and had fun trying not to use the subtitles….but they just speak too damn fast!


  23. Pete says:

    oooh! How fab would it be to watch foreign films without subtitles! I would love that!

    Did you enjoy it anyway?


  24. to be honest it confused and completely scared me! i expected fairies and magical lands and i got a lot of blood and violence and gore and some scary faun thing…

    i was a bit traumatised


  25. Venting says:

    I think I may do this even though I wasn’t tagged. So nerrr…


  26. Pete says:

    Eww, it sounds pretty gross, I think’s I’ll avoid that one! Seen anything great lately?


  27. Pete it’s a really good film, just a bit unexpected if you think it’s going to be pretty faries and things!

    Little Miss Sunshine is aces…. but that’s about it recently!


  28. Pete says:

    I will have to look out for Little Miss Sunshine. Pan doesn’t sound like my type of thing 😦


  29. “A parcel for Stand on the Right” Oooh, I am intrigued.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much today my lovely, it is another nightmare day in Westminster. Boo. xx


  30. hehehe i thought you’d missed that 😉

    it’s not on my desk any more…. it’s in the post!!!


  31. hoverfrog says:

    How can you hate mushrooms? Their fungal goodness is wonderfully watery.

    You don;t need to learn physics. It’ll work without any understanding on your part. Honest.


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