Old Father – no, the other one

Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman’s face
Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste
Time waits for no one, no favours has he
Time waits for no one, and he won’t wait for me

I don’t think i’ve told you about Time have i? I know i promised to but things get in the way you see. There’s holidays and seals and engagements and dressed to buy. But now i feel like i should tell you, give you a warning….don’t mess with Time.

Did you realise that it has a capital ‘T’? It’s important that is, don’t forget, it’s Time. If you forget that, then you’re going to get yourself in some trouble. So, first things first… Time, this is him, Old Father Time:


Have you noticed how it goes…. you have a date after work, you’re excited about it but the day just seems to drag and drag…a minute seems like half an hour and the day seems never ending? Or on the other hand, you have lots to do, you’re so busy but the day flies by and you only get half of it done?

That’s Time playing with you that is. He knows you’re looking forward to something and he stretches the hours out. The more you want it to be 5 o’clock… the longer 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock will last. The more you think about it and watch the clock, the slower it will go, like slow motion television.
When you talk to your friend and say ‘Today is going so slowly” he gives a little chuckle and is pleased with his work.

You could of course try and trick Time by pretending that there’s nothing you’re looking forward to….. or try and act busy so that he speeds things up rather than slows them down, but you know he will catch you out. He’ll team up with Traffic or Signal Failure and you’ll get stuck on the bus and tube on your way to the pub.

So my little children, don’t play with Time, becasue he’s more sneaky than you.

18 thoughts on “Old Father – no, the other one

  1. Einsteins Theory of Relativity is running scared now. It knows its next.


  2. hoverfrog says:

    Time is a naughty man with icky bad habits. For instance have you noticed that time slows down to a crawl when you accidentally see someone picking their nose and eating it. He slows down time and stop you from looking away. He’s very bad. Also when you’re out having a really good time and imbibing the vino he can steal whole chunks of time from you and replace them with silly and embarrassing bits of time. Time must be stopped.


  3. It’s all relative Boy… but whose relative?

    Mr Frog YES!! see Time is bad and should be told off! Stealing people’s time like that and making them thing they’d done something embarrassing!


  4. Fabulous says:

    He looks a bit miserable. Maybe time is going to slow for him too.


  5. I should think he’s a bit fed up of being like REALLY old… like billions old… but he doesn’t have to be mean to us…


  6. hoverfrog says:

    I thought he got to be young again every year. I can see why he’s upset. I’d be pissed off with everyone if I had to go through puberty every February.


  7. sungirltan says:

    if you dont pay attention to time he speeds things up abd you wonder where the last few months went.


  8. Marika says:

    Do you think that they all get together at the pub and compare notes? Time, Signal Failure and Traffic? Do any of them ever have to apologise for being late?


  9. Rosanna says:

    They’re probably all at the pub, having a laugh. The man of Time scares me – he always makes my day go *so* slowly at work, and *so* fast on holidays.

    But then, time flies when you’re having fun 🙂


  10. punctuation says:

    Guess what – I work for a software company – writing time and attendance software. [to be said in a weary voice] time, don’t talk to me about time! Grrr.


  11. sungirltan says:

    cheer up ian x


  12. Huw says:

    Hmmm. This is true. He’s a cheeky chappy is old Mr Time. Did you know in America they have a magazine named after him…?


  13. hoverfrog says:

    Pink Floyd wrote a song about him as well. It’s not a particularly cheery song. Not with lyrics like this:
    The sun is the same in the relative way, but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death


  14. punctuation says:

    SGT – I’m cheered up – but “she”said the magic word: “time” 🙂


  15. are you sheing me Ian??? *hump*

    i’m glad that you all agree with me about Time though… i think he’s a sneaky old buggar who likes to make people cry


  16. punctuation says:

    Me, “she”you? Nevvvvvvverrrr. 😛


  17. Venting says:

    It looks AWESOME!!!! I’m inspired to get a cut for myself now!


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