Evil Nostril

Which has nothing at all to do with my post but everything to do with the picture on the front page of wordpress as you log in.

I’m swimming through treacle.

It’s like i have someone elses bottle top glasses on.

I feel like i might snap, like a thin shard of glass.

If i shut my eyes, the room would spin and i would fall over.

My chest is going to burst or cave in, i can’t tell which one.

Almost as though i’ve drunk way too much coffee.

If i laid my head down, i’d be alseep in seconds.

I don’t know what’s worse, having a migrane or having no migrane but feeling like this becasue of the strong tablets.

That’s all, i can’t do anymore.

6 thoughts on “Evil Nostril

  1. M says:

    Just a -hug- and the reasurance that in time these things tend to pass.
    Sometimes I find hunger a cause
    Sometimes dehydration
    Sometimes the coldy-flu-y thing I seem to be perpetually suffering with in the times when my hayfever isn’t playing up.

    Migranes suck… like a broken hoover (very badly)


  2. Jo says:

    As a fellow migraine sufferer, all I can say is: dark room, bowl by the side of the bed and a cold flannal on your forehead.

    And the doctor prescribed me these brilliant pills that you take as soon as you feel one coming and it whisks it away. Can’t think of the name right now but its worth asking your doc if you get them regularly.


  3. sungirltan says:

    ow ow ow. i have paramax on prescription and they are nasty nasty. boo migrianes


  4. Fabulous says:

    IM with Jo. I suffer too and just go sit in a dark room with a cold flannel and cry until i am so exhausted i fall asleep. I wish i was on your drugs though they sound sort of good. hehe i will wait for my laughing gas..


  5. Huw says:

    Hey. Ow, not nice.
    Hang in there….


  6. val says:

    im just commenting to PROVE that i got up relately early!!



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