The way things were

With a little help from Mr Pieces, last night I found most of my old 20six blog which I deleted last year.

I had started off looking for something in particular, but as was inevitable, I got sucked into reading a lot of my old posts.

The old blog covers from early 2004 up until about the end of 2006, beginning of 2007. That’s a lot of blogging, a lot of entries and a hell of a lot of my life. Three relationships, one heart wrenching break up, one very messy public break up, a spiral into binge drinking and depression and finally being chased out by The Boys ex….

So, most of it wasn’t very comfortable reading! Which is the main reason why I deleted it, far too much in there that I’d prefer not to think about. Violent mood swings, from deliriously happy to simply blogging “this is the most drunk i have ever been. and the most sad.” That’s not mentioning the awful flirting, cringe worthy declerations of feelings for people and posts like the one about how the snow made me cry all day becasue it reminded me of a better time.

All in all, I’m pretty glad it’s not ‘there’ any more for me to read back on, I’m shocked now that no one, especially not me, realised what a terrible state I was in.

But one thing came out of it, and this is especially for Mr Hoverfrog:

 (those of you who aren’t familiar with my 20six blog, please don’t be disturbed by what you find below, it was a different me in a different time, but sometimes it’s nice to remember)

Saucy Friday – on a Thursday

18 August 2005 at 23:51

Wild Wild West

It was hot as she sat by the side of the road…..sweat was running down the small of her back. She’d never hitchhiked before but she was sure that the killer heels would help, after all she wasn’t wearing much else, her hair and t-shirt still wet from the thunder storm, she carefully crossed her legs and waited…….

After a while she heard the distant rumble of an engine…tanned legs unfolding as she stood up, her nipples erect from the breeze rippling through her wet top, her long hair flowing behind her. The motorbike screeched to a halt sending dust into the air.
Shiny chrome. Dusty leather. A hot engine. He came towards her, tall and powerful, muscles rippling under his shirt…..He pulled her to the side of the road and pulled her close kissing her roughly…his shirt undone, his body hot…he pressed her against his bike leaning her back over it so she was arched into him.
She was dizzy, it was too hot…..her head was spinning and she felt him push his hand up under her top. A car door slammed and she felt his weight shifting off of her. She struggled for breath as she got up, there was shouting and someone helped her up…

She walked towards  the car wanting to sit in the coolness rather than ride on the back of the bike.
As the bike drove off she looked up at the man standing next to her….leaning casually on his Mustang, gleaming red in the sun…..he was looking at her, his eyes travelling to her wet t-shirt and all the way down her body taking in every inch of her as she climbed into the car….

She turned and smiled at him, his  top slung over the drivers seat, perspiration sliding down his chest to his stomach…..
she trailed it with her finger following it down to the waist of his trousers. she slowly unbuttoned his jeans and bending to lick his stomach her tongue travelling lower and lower….
He moaned with pleasure his hand sliding down her back as she leant over him. … watching her moving slowly up and down as she looked up at him….

Licking. Sliding. Writhing. Gently scratching his chest as she straddled him….. pressing against him their bodies hot…Groaning. Feeling. Teasing…
Biting. Sucking. Kissing. Gasping as she closed her eyes, her head thrown backwards as he grabbed onto her waist…Bucking. Grinding. Shuddering….
Fulfilled. Pleasured. Wanting more they climbed into the back of the car…she looked over her shoulder at him as he pulled her close…

Have a good Saucy Friday everyone!!!!

22 thoughts on “The way things were

  1. blue soup says:




  2. perhaps i have this wrong and it’s really ‘Speechless Thursday’


  3. Fabulous says:

    Amazing how much we forget we write about. It was a long time to delete.
    Oooh Saucy.. yessssss.


  4. Fabulous says:

    Most action i have got in ages… lol


  5. Fabby it’s weird, i knew that alot of it was stuff i wanted to forget, but i didn’t realise how weird and out of character a lot of it was!

    awww….sex is good for the baby…apparently!


  6. Rich says:

    You just have to make sure the baby doesn’t get poked in the head!


  7. Haha, I think you’ve surprised some of those who didn’t know you back then, pinklet 😉

    I know that we ended up a little melancholic and what not, but it was still quite nice to look back through archives last night. I continued for another half hour or so looking through other folks archives too.

    It does show you how far you’ve came mind! xx


  8. hoverfrog says:

    Ahh those were the days. I can’t believe it was so long ago.

    A bit of sauce is good at any time.


  9. hannah says:

    I found some of my old blog too the other day – twas wierd!


  10. Fabulous says:

    Sex is good for the baby but you try doing it with a big bump. Oh my we had fun last night trying new positions.. lol. In the end we just ended up laughing at how funny we looked.

    Im sure it was weird looking back. You are a completely changed woman now and more in tune with your feelings. Also it helps to have a lovely man to make you feel beautiful. x


  11. Pete there were also good things, it’s true… but i’m glad i’m not that person any more

    Froggy i also have one that i wrote for you, back in the day 😉

    Fabby can’t you do it doggy with you kneeling? or you on top? or from behind standing up?

    I’m very different! Of course, the biggest difference is that i’m not a drunk who cries all the time!


  12. hoverfrog says:

    I remember that one fondly, Jellyface.

    he he Fab got lucky last night.


  13. blue soup says:

    Fabby – Surely Pinky is right about doggy style? And you could put pillows under your tummy to rest on?


  14. Fabulous says:

    We could but you know what we like to look at each other. Other wise we could be ‘doing’ it with anyone. I think that i might have to be on top next time with him moving underneath.. lol

    Yes hover i got…. um well i wouldnt call it lucky… although i we could do with some luck working out positions.. lol


  15. Fabulous says:

    Soupy im not allowed to rest my tummy on anything.. Although we did try sideways with pillow so my side could rest..
    Oh its so not attractive when your preggers.. lol


  16. London-Lass says:

    Thank god my Blog’s still just a relative baby in blogging terms otherwise I’m sure I’d be cringing too.


  17. Fab do missionary but with him kneeling instead of lying on you… 🙂


  18. Fabulous says:

    nice one i will try that. x


  19. hoverfrog says:

    The Hildy used to enjoy (actually still does) lying on her back while I lie sideways under her raised legs. We form sort of a capital letter T with me being the cross part and her being the bar but legs around the cross (I may need to draw you a picture). You don’t get as much movement that way but it’s a lovely relaxing way to spend a day and your hands are free to explore and play.

    When she got very big with the twins it was practically the only position we could do.

    I don’t know what WordPress is coming to. Yesterday it was boobs and today it’s all about sexual positions. 20Six wasn’t like this was it? Oh yeah, it was.


  20. punctuation says:

    Ooooh, Pinky (et al) as you know I’ve been there with the deleting blog thing – got cross one day and deleted 4+ years of my Blogger blog and several years of my 20six blog. Happily I managed to get it back when I calmed down. The blogs went through the whole splitting up, getting back together, splitting up again and getting back for one (unsuccessful and final) last try. Nowadays they’re all password protected to avoid upsetting the innocent and provoking the guilty and I mostly don’t read over them again unless I want to remind myself, in moments of weakness, of quite how stupid love can make us behave. In the end I do think they serve a purpose and prefer to keep them as a record of my life. I also noticed I seem to bitch about my job a lot (which I also left, went somewhere else for 4 years and then came back – can you spot a pattern here).

    Fab – one word of warning, remembering my ex-sister in law is a midwife and I have endured horrific midwives-in-the-kitchen-talk at her parties – sex (or a hot curry) is one of the things that is supposed to bring on labour… watch out! 🙂


  21. SP says:

    God, this is making me well up. You’re describing my life right now. When will it get better?


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