Love from Me

A Letter to my Body

Dear Body,

I often say that I hate you, and I never ever stop to think how that makes you feel. After all, you look after me pretty well even after an operation, being ill for a year, all of those antibiotics, all of that alcohol and all of the stress I’ve thrown at you.

I say that I hate that you’re not how you used to look, or how I want and imagine you to look. But it’s not your fault, it’s mine. I’m the one who puts into you what I do. How can I expect you to be perfect when I don’t put any time and effort into our relationship or into making you what you have the potential to be.

There’s curves, you’re soft and womanly and go in and out in all the right places (more out and less in than i would perhaps like), and in the right light and with the right underwear on, I guess you look pretty ok. After all, I’ve only ever had compliments, not complaints.

I’ve felt for a while now that what’s on the inside and what’s in my mind, doesn’t match what’s on the outside. I’m like me, zipped up in a fancy dress costume, pretending at being someone else.

In a few weeks, I’m starting a new. With someone I love, in a new country. A new start.  So how about we make a deal? I’m a bit nicer to you, and tell you more positive things. I’ll be giving you nice fresh food, plenty of fish and fruit and veg as well as smothering you in good suncream to stop you getting wrinkled.  In return, I would like it if you’d help me out a bit and shape up for me, with my help of course.

I  promise to try and be nicer from now on, but you’ll have to be patient…It’s hard to stop thinking the way I have the past few years, but I’ll get there.

Lots of love, me xxx

15 thoughts on “Love from Me

  1. hoverfrog says:

    Pinky, can you look after my body too. I think I’ve been mistreating it but I’m too lazy to make amends. I’m sure it’ll walk out on me one day and then where will I be?

    Cool picture btw.


  2. Robbie says:

    Hooray for positivity.

    Just dont go over cooking your body while bored and sunbathing, it certianly doesnt like that 😀


  3. Regular Girl says:

    I read this while eating a hotdog for lunch… lol

    Yum at the thought of fresh fish and veggies though!!!


  4. Mr F if i can sort mine out the i’ll have a look at yours, but one thing at a time!

    Robbie I won’t! That picture made me realise how many freckles I have, it’s crazy!

    Girl I’m really looking forward to all the nice fresh food actually!


  5. Dom says:

    I’ve felt for a while now that what’s on the inside and what’s in my mind, doesn’t match what’s on the outside

    I can relate to that. It’s a hell of a shock when I see myself in a mirror… and not a pleasant one 😥


  6. Concertmaster says:

    Sounds like a good deal!

    Come to think of it, my body would like to see some sun, too… and maybe a few less chips…


  7. Dom aye, it’s a shock not to see what you expect, but i’m working my way towards it!

    CM mmmm chips!! haha… damn it


  8. Aku says:

    That’s sweet!


  9. Pippi says:

    What a nice post! I loved it. And I’m so jealous of your new life. Mind you, in two and a half weeks I’ll be in sunnier climes too, but only for a week. Boo!


  10. Bertie says:

    Hi- I found your blog from blog her and just wanted to say- what a great letter to yourself:) Perhaps I need to follow suit with my own letter to my body! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Fabulous says:

    Brilliant. Lovd this post. Well done Pinky. You prob wont want cakes and chocolate in the hot heat of Spain. And your right you only get compliments as you look great. xx


  12. Jo says:

    You know what, you’ll probably find that other people thank you as well. A lot of my friends who have body worries talk about it more than they probably realise – and its hard to reassure a friend that actually, they look fine – they’re not fat, or wobbley, or anything, because until they realise it themself, they’ll never listen.


  13. sungirltan says:

    i’m with HF – i malnourish my body as it ifs a lifestyle choice – can you feed mine too?


  14. Pipi I bet you need your holiday now love, try and use it to relax xxx

    Fabby exactly, god bless the heat!!!

    Jo i know, it’s a pain when someone goes on, i don’t often to friends, just to The Boy and on this blog! But you can tell from him comment how pleased he’ll be if i shut up!

    SGT you might have to start forming a queue…and i’ll have to start shipping meals from Spain!


  15. As with anything, you get back what you put it. 🙂 Start looking after it – it’ll pay you back one day.


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