โ€ฆthere are lots of other things to say.

But tonight, all I can really say is that I feel very lonely.

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  1. respectableside says:

    and you know what! thats quite ok xxx


  2. smidge says:

    I’m sending you a hug.

    I know you’ve been through a lot, but xmas wont be so bad, you can get back on the horse (as they say) and find a single man at all those parties.

    Just for a kiss mind, and with a pony, save the stallions for when you are feeling really ready!



  3. Georgia says:

    Put your favourite film on or something. Just don’t dwell. Xx


  4. RS Yeah, I know. Doesn’t make it better though. Just makes me feel like a sap!

    Smidge it’s starting to feel like a lot…I’ve been doing so well but it’s been tough and I’m not sleeping properly. Plus I have a fancy party next Friday with celebs and everything and no one to go with….my friends are all busy

    Georgia Got me some Ugly Betty on!



  5. ::Hugs:: It is okay to feel lonely sometimes, and better to admit being a bit down then trying to cover it up. Georgia is right. A good movie – nothing sad! – and maybe a glass of wine can keep your mind off it. Or read some blogs. Or online shop. Do something that you enjoy that can keep you from feeling meh.


  6. Georgia says:

    I survived by doing the things that comforted me and distracted me the most. In my case Harry Potter audio book (Stephen fry can cure all evils- made sure I went to sleep) and a hot shower. That’s how I got through the hard times… Find your thing. Celeb party you say, need a friend you say.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. DiscoMcDisco says:

    Although this won’t help, I know exactly what you mean.

    I love being a bit social and having mates around etc, but nothing replaces ‘that’ feeling. It does get easier once you find the thing that trickles a smile on you’re face (whether you want it to or not)…

    Now the sad note, I’ve been feeling the lonely for over 2 years so it’s easy for me too say it’s easy now cos I haven’t had a choice, but have had a lot if practice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The movie, the surfing, the window shopping and the blogging are all the right suggestions.. Just wanted to let you know you ain’t alone xo


  8. punctuation says:

    Sometimes change is good, even bad change – it makes us appreciate the REALLY good things when they come along afterwards. What wasn’t meant to be has to go back into a box marked “good things that didn’t work out”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    This feeling wont last – you wait, I’ll be able to say “I told you so” soon enough.



  9. Amind wine sounds good… I tried shopping but now I’m skint and it’s weeks til pay day! oops.

    Georgia I do need to find my thing….I have no idea where to look though!

    Discoman It’s not even that.. it’s not a relationship lonely feeling. After all the shit that’s just happened, I’m pretty certain I don’t need another one…. it’s just pure loneliness.
    I’m actually always pretty lonely, but being with someone in a relationship (of course) makes that all easier…now I’m not, well. Very alone.

    P I thought it was a really good thing. Blindshighted again, just like last time. x


  10. DiscoMcDisco says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t being all relationship-py… Well… Much… But I have a very strong separation in my understandings of relationship and companionship and I’d much rather have the latter ๐Ÿ™‚

    good thing about it though, it did all push me into writing, and I’ve got a novella if I posted it now. /silver lining is always there


  11. …and I know ‘it gets better’. This isn’t my first time. In fact the exact same thing has happened to me before. Which just makes it worse.


  12. Sorry, little strop there


  13. LizSara says:

    I know nothing helps when you feel like this, it sure doesn’t for me but please just remember you are NEVER alone.

    Oh god i nearly inadvertently quoted a Bon Jovi lyric then…shame on me (and now i’m singing it in my head which makes it even worse)


  14. LizSara go on, do it


  15. Lpeg says:

    ps. your new profile picture is fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. LizSara says:

    Nooooo don’t make me

    “Tonight i won’t be alone, but you know that don’t mean i’m not lonely”

    Ahh, Jon, you and your profound 90’s lyrics!


  17. Paula says:

    I’ve been there. On many occasions.

    Some chocolate and wine and a nice dvd or book always helps, if only a little… ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. Fabulous says:

    Sometimes you can be surrounded with all the family and friends in your life and feel lonely. I hope that you are feeling a bit better this morning.
    I have to say that . . . i feel lonely too. And i have a baby in my tummy, a little girl next to me and a husband to love me. Sometimes its just the situations that you are in that make you lonely not the people. I have no reason to be lonely. I just think that no one really gets how i am feeling at the moment. Not just physically… but emotionally.
    Anyway this is not about me its about you. And i just want you to know that i understand.
    You need someone special to actually understand how you are feeling.
    I hope this feeling passes soon for you.


  19. Paula I think the chocolate and wine will be coming out tonight!

    Fabby thank you. I think my ‘someone special’ is a long way off. I think I just miss being with someone, having someone to text and say ‘I’m having a shitty night, please come round’…all my friends are close but they have bfs of their own and jobs and lives and I don’t want to go interrupting


  20. smidge says:

    Have you sat down and told your friends you feel lonely rather than just us? People don’t know unless you tell them, and i bet alot of them would be happy to set away from their boyfs for a while to give you some support.

    If not, im only a train ride away, come up and visit x


  21. I’ve not told them, no. I wouldn’t want them to feel put upon. I’m not very good at turning to other people for support…apart from you guys. x


  22. Jo says:

    I got like that with mates, but then just text them and bugged them anyway. Sometimes you don’t have to tell them what’s up, or that you’re feeling down. just send a funny message and see what comes back.


    I found there were lots of people willing to be on the receiving end of the slightly inane yet funny texts i used to send my ex.


  23. miss*H says:

    wine, chocolate, a good film and some internet window shopping!!!! (and twitter and here for company…are there any films on telly right now? we could all watch the same thing and it would be like being in the cinema ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. Jo you broke my comments!! lol

    maybe I should just tweet not text….

    miss H there’s NEVER any good films on TV. Boooo


  25. Zstep says:

    From boobs to depression in just a few short hours! I will say again I am not very useful at saying the right thing in situations like this but I will endeavor to find a bunch of funny links to send to you for your entertainment which might serve to cheer you up a bit.

    Keep fightin’ lil’ trooper!


  26. Zstep I know, I’m a bit like that at the moment!


  27. Zstep says:

    I prefer the boob talk, FWIW. Even if its more centered on “my back is killing me” instead of “hmmm, oranges or cantaloupes?”


  28. Miss B says:

    Feel Better ***hugs*** !


  29. urbanvox says:

    BIG BEAR HUG!!!!!


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