Mr MakesMeSick

Background goes like this: He’s been seeing my friend. She split up with her man of 5 years recently. She met this guy on a night out, he’s a friend of friends. He was lovely, took her mind off things. Promised her the world. We went out a few times with him and his friends, one of whom is my Mr InvitesHimself. It was nice for her to have someone to take her mind off things.

Until….last time we were out…. and he hit on me. Said he’s liked me since the beginning. Started sending me facebook messages asking if we could be together. Nightmare. Horrible and awkward. I told her and she was gutted. She liked him, had been trying not to but she did.

She told him she knew. He said sorry but he didn’t think he felt that way about her.

Then he started acting like nothing had happened, nothing had changed. Still texting her, being normal, still chatting to her when we bumped into them on our night out.

Now, on said night out, said friend and myself were very much paralytic. I went home when I was supposed to stay at hers. She lost a shoe on the way home. I fell in my bath trying to take my shoes off. She had another friend and Mr MMS with her. She kept asking why he was there and telling him to go home. According to other friend, he kept trying to kiss her, she said no. She then passed out in the bathroom and was carried to bed by Mr MMS and friends man. In the morning she woke up fully clothed.

Last night….talking to Mr InvitesHimself…well, turns out after asking if Mr Invite and myself had um, done the do.. Mr MMS said they had slept together on Saturday night. Which they very much didn’t. I put him straight. Told him to put Mr MMS straight. Now I also have to tell her this. I get all the good jobs.

Today…I asked her if she’d heard from him. He’d sent her a text saying “When you’re back from holiday, I’m going to take you out.” his reply to her non committal “maybe” was “you will, you like me too much not to”…so. A cheat, a liar and an arrogant piece of work.

I hope now she sees. Mr MakesMeSick.

Where do these men come from?!

17 thoughts on “Mr MakesMeSick

  1. HC says:

    Why hang out with such a gallivanting knob jockey?


  2. HC well, we didn’t know quite how much of a knob he was….. did you not read it properly?


  3. Soupy says:

    Wow, now he’s a catch. What an utter asshat! I agree, where do they come from? And how is it that it’s the nice girls that get stuck with them?

    Your friend must take absolute satisfaction in not giving this man what he wants and clearly thinks he will get. He thinks she is weak at the knees for him. Maybe she is. But the best way for her to keep her dignity is to just laugh at him and put him back under the rock from where he crawled – preferrably in public.

    I wish her all the best with it.

    Take me out dancing with you! x

    “I fell in my bath trying to take my shoes off.”
    How did you manage this? Just what were you doing? I’ve seen your flat and I can’t imagine why you were in your bathroom – at the very back of your place! – to take your shoes off?


  4. Soupy now after having to tell her he hit on me, I also have to tell her that he’s being saying they slept together. What kind of person is he?!
    I think I have just about managed to make her see that she doesn’t want him. Just need to keep her away!

    As for the bath….. think I got home, needed a wee, went to the bathroom and decided to take my shoes off. Stumbled, leaned on the shower divider thing, which of course moved…and there you have it. Me in the bath. Shoes ended up on the clothes horse and under the sink.


  5. IanB says:

    Getting so drunk that you pass out and then get carried, comatose, to bed is both very bad for your health and a sign that something is very very wrong with how one lives one’s life. Especially when the person carrying you is a slimeball. You have effectively poisoned yourself into unconsciousness and total vulnerability.

    Drinking like this is ridiculous.


  6. HC says:

    I don’t know if I read it correctly, this sentence messed up my understanding of the chronology of it all: “Then he started acting like nothing had happened, nothing had changed. Still texting her, being normal, still chatting to her when we bumped into them on our night out”. Please keep it simple for us elderly types.


  7. nuttycow says:

    Apart from a slight giggle at IanB’s comment, I too got a little confused as to who was where with what and who. So you and Mr Invites Himself did the deed? But Mr MMS and your friend didn’t but he said they did? Right, sorted.

    Mr IH and Mr MMS both sound like the kind of people you just don’t want to be hanging around. Why not ignore what they/he are saying and cut off all contact. Move on, get new and better friends.


  8. Ian off high horse please….was possibly the only time I have EVER known her to be in that state and she was not alone with him.

    HC yes….that’s what happened. Sadly, we live in the same area as them and drink in the same places, so bumping into them is likely to happen. She spent all night telling him to go away.

    Ms Cow well yes, exactly my conclusion…


  9. Ms Cow but making her do that is something I have no control over… I can only tell her my opinion.


  10. oh aaaaaaaaaaand my ‘passed out’, I mean ‘fell asleep’


  11. IanB says:

    Ah, the way I read it it was “passed out and was alone with Mr Slimebucket” 🙂


  12. Zstep says:

    Ian my man, you’re still deep in that hole you dug…lol

    Pinky baby, it sounds like you have a whole busload of lads that I need to beat up for you. Please compose a final list so I can take care of the lot of them in one trip.


  13. roseski says:

    Wherever they come from, they need to crawl back!
    What a twat! I hope your friend gets all this and stays away!?!


  14. Ian noooo, passed out asleep and put in bed. Full stop.

    Zstep I will get a list over to you asap. It includes most men I have ever known….

    Rosie I know, all a bit creepy really and i’m so glad after our chat tonight that she agrees as well.


  15. DiscoMcDisco says:

    Having all the aftermath makes me hate this guy even more than I already did…

    …and I agree with Ms. Cow too, pricks keep the company of pricks.


  16. DiscoMan I know, me too…..and my comment from twitter about him earlier…what I called him….is more apt now she told me something else that happened.

    And yes. Agreed.


  17. Leigh says:

    God, I’d like to say they come from mars, but it must be somewhere way scummier!



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