Curtain Twitchers

I have been in my new flat for about 10 weeks now, and thinking about it, i’m not sure what the neighbours must think of me.

Firstly, it took me about two weeks to move my stuff in…and then, well, I wasn’t there all that much. Being picked up at night – by my friend I must add – or going away for days at a time….and then there was the incident when I was rushing out and flashed one of them…

So to update you on my living arrangements and the man situation in recent times, I am a little worried that they might think I am an ‘unsuitable’. You see, since I’ve been here, I have had a few…visitors.

1. The Optician. I found him in a bar. I fell for his ‘I see a lot of eyes, yours are the most beautiful i’ve ever seen’ line. Yes, I was a little drunk and high on the power of not living with my parents.
2. Jerkhands. Fin.
3. Mr InvitesHimself. I gave in and actually invited him myself. Then fell in the bath trying to get my shoes off. He’s angling for another invite..’I’m at train station down the road, can I come over?’. As yet, no second invite.
4. The Boy. He came to visit the flat, Liz Lemon and me. Was oddly normal.
5. Single Male Friend. He’s been AWOL for ages. We seem to be back on ‘friends’ after all the stupid kerfuffle. He cuddles in his sleep…which was odd. Of course, I used it to embarrass him the next day.

Think what you like of me – yes, I see you frowning and shaking your head. I will leave you to decide what you think happened with each of them…but I will say that the nasty did not happen with them all… I’m not quite that kind of girl.

Future Plans:
6. Hockey Boy. Known him for years. He has a gf. Got a little naughty. He wants to run away and travel the world with me. Friends want me to marry him. Neither will be happening.
7. Freckles the Postman. Not sure yet if he’ll be round. He offered to do my cleaning if it meant he got to see me… I did it myself and said I might see him next week.

Blasts from the past:
8. If but Maybe. Remember him? He mumbled at me ‘our problem is, we’re always drunk, so we can’t properly talk about stuff’. Hmmm. I think we’ll be leaving it that way.
9. If but Maybe Brother. Yep. He decided to say ‘I love you a little bit’. Ah.

I don’t think I see anything going anywhere with any of them…. at least I’m sticking to my plan.
My friend and I decided that i’m collecting bits of fluff. I like that.

13 thoughts on “Curtain Twitchers

  1. nuttycow says:

    Dear me! What confusion. Glad you’re having fun though. And sod the neighbours. Who cares what they think?


  2. DiscoMcDisco says:

    I’m with Nutty, sod the neighbours.. mine are a billion times worse than me and they never give a shit back (i may have mentioned this on twitter, but their housewarming involved sofa shagging so loud my light was moving, and smoking outside my bedroom window talking how they really enjoyed banging each others wives.. )

    As for the Visitors, that’s also nothing to worry about.. your call and you’ll do what you like. Don’t second guess it on account of people you don’t really know, and Kudos for sticking to the plan.. hopefully you find what you’re after..


  3. monkey t says:

    sounds like youre having fun, stuff the neighbours! reading this has made me miss being single and living on my own a tiny bit


  4. miss*H says:

    Stuff the neighbours. Who cares what they think. You never know they might be jealous of all the fun that you are having and it sounds like a lot of fun is being had 🙂


  5. Georgia says:

    Haha! Nice one! They probably haven’t noticed!


  6. Helen says:

    Stuff the neighbours, I think you’re a legend xx


  7. Blonde says:

    Bugger the neighbours, have the fun.


  8. roseski says:

    Wow, you are turning into me-a-year-ago! Love it. Entertain the neighbours 🙂


  9. Perpetual says:

    Screw what they think. They’ll likely jump to conclusions anyway!


  10. Paula says:

    Bloody hell, you’re popular! I wish I could get just ONE guy to like me right now…


  11. sungirltan says:

    gosh you’ve been busy! love it x


  12. Sebastian says:

    Wow — if you were a guy I would say you have a bonafide shag pad. As a girl, I have to call you a hussy — damn cultural norms…

    To think that an optician, after five years of hard study, used a LINE. But it worked, eh? Maybe I should try toning down my intelligence to picking up girls…

    If I actually went out to pick up girls that is 😛


  13. Jo says:

    Hurrah for singledom and texts and visitors 🙂

    The neighbours will simply just be jealous.


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