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Someone said to me recently that all I seem to blog about is men, but to be honest with you, there’s nothing in my life that is so different from yours…. I go to work, I hate it, people annoy me….what you don’t get, are all the useless men I do. So perhaps you want to hear about them? If not, you wouldn’t read!

So let’s do an update for the new year – happy New Year by the way.

Turns out I wasn’t so good at the kiss them and nothing else thing…..I got way into the everything else, which although was fun, is not a good look for me. I get way too attached, too easily. That’s not to say I’m giving up on the idea, in fact, I’m still stuck on the idea of not getting stuck on one particular person.

Out is Mr Invites Himself. He invited himself one too many times. I mean yes, he as twinkly eyes and yes, it’s very difficult to resist them…but I’m over the “want to fuck?” text messages and the one or two weeks in between them.

Out is Young Guy, who some of you may remember from aaaaaages ago. The hot, rugby player who took me on a few dates in the summer…well recently we, let’s say bumped into each other. A rather cheesy but oh so good text of “It seems that jager is the way to your heart, can I buy you a bottle for Christmas?” was not followed up with the promises to bring it round, topless on Boxing Day.

Out is The Scouser…not THAT Scouser, another one that I rather liked and didn’t tell you all about.

Back in is Single Male Friend.

New additions are LA Guy and Superman.

I shall update you as things happen but it seems to be almost a one in, one out policy in my love life….it’s been this way for ages. Things come and go in waves, they all seem to start and end at the same time, I spend a few days lamenting my loss and then around come some more to take their place.

I’ve not found one to stay yet.

11 thoughts on “Top Totty

  1. miss*H says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and having a male perspective on things sometimes….and I want to hear more about LA Guy and Superman 🙂


  2. Zstep says:

    Is he really from LA? I am originally from San Francisco so already think he sucks! 🙂


  3. miss h….way I see it, i’m waiting for Mr Right but i’m nnot going to sit around doing nothing until he shows up!!

    Zeke no, he’s English…just lives in LA!


  4. pikz says:

    oooh i’m so living precariously through you! the thrill of the chase! have fun girly and can’t wait to hear all about it! xxx


  5. Jo says:

    Live fast, shag lots, or something…

    Sounds like a funtime, although yeah things can get difficult with that mantra if you can’t switch off about the bloke afterwards.

    I for one am hoping that superman wears some sort of superhero cape on a regular basis. Do tell. 🙂


  6. Paula says:

    I wish I had as many guy options as you, whether they turn out to be douches or not – I never seem to meet anyone!!!! (Except people in work.)


  7. Zstep says:

    That’s still a strike against him. LA is a dreadful, horrible place 99% of the time. Awesome people watching opportunities though, especially in places like Venice Beach or North Hollywood. Endlessly entertaining…


  8. Sebastian says:

    I like the boy stories — my main concern is actually how many people you seem to sleep with. I thought I was a hussy, but… well…


  9. Pikz I actually enjoy it more than I though I would!!

    Jo Well i’m trying to find out if he does but I think he just likes fancy dress, which is fine by me!!

    Paula hmmmm, I get guy interested but none of them are ever really about a relationship, I get the ones that only want one thing!!

    Zeke I shall inform him of that then!

    Seb Ohhhhhh. I’ve not slept with them all!!! Nonono.


  10. Sebastian says:

    It sure sounds like you’re at least getting past second and third base most of the time 😛


  11. sungirltan says:

    so what if you did sleep with them all?

    i was a total harlot between last ltr and my now husband and i’m hardly scarred for life!

    good to shop around 😉


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