Reasons I am single #4379

Him: I’d probably say you were 24. Age is nothing but a number. How old did you think I was? Very pretty though babe xx

Me: Didn’t really think about your age. I just liked your cardigan.


7 thoughts on “Reasons I am single #4379

  1. DiscoMcDisco says:

    Yup, liking cardigans is defo part of the problem..


  2. HC says:

    I don’t think you should be going for the Richie Cunningham types anyway.


  3. MissLizSaraB says:

    So long as you liked his cardigan because you wanted it not because he was old enough to look ok in it you’re fine.

    Also, being not bothered – you’re doing it right!


  4. sungirltan says:

    clucking bell theres something wrong about men in cardigans


  5. hoverfrog says:

    I don’t understand the point of cardigans for men. They aren’t jumpers to keep you warm and they aren’t shirts either. They don’t keep you dry or cool. I don’t get it. Also if you wear one, you look like you’ve been knitted. Women at least have the right body shape for them.

    Is your collection of cardigans a reason why you’re single or your attraction to septuagenarians? I think that admiring someone’s clothing is a perfectly appropriate way to strike up a conversation with a stranger.


  6. I would like it noted that I actually likke cardigans on men….and no, not on old men.


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