I’m unsure what to say about my hypnotherapy appointment last night. Every time I try to think how to explain it…well, I can’t.

I went for my confidence. I have none, and never have had. I pretend well, even some of my good friends think i’m confident. We had a talk first, about me and how I feel in social situations and meeting new people – this is where my confidence is at its lowest. She’s a wiley fox though, she somehow got me to talking about my Nan and when she died. I was only 13 which is obvisouly a crutial time in your development, especially of emotions…she suggested that the trauma of that at such a delicate age almost put a stop to my growing confidence, and funnily enough, that makes complete sense.

I found it difficult to relax, it took her a while to get me there…I’m still not even sure if I was or not. You’re aware, it’s not like being asleep. You know where you are and what they are saying, you still think your own thoughts but your body is completely relaxed – my muscles were so relaxed, I couldn’t move them.

Then it’s just like following the voice down a path, taking on the suggestions they make and visialising the things they say to you. I think at some points, I was far too relaxed – I find it hard to relax usually and I think my body was just so grateful, it kept sutting off and I was missing bits of what she said, my mind was going other places.

She talked to me of how to be confident when I meet new people, not to internalise and just to be so interested in getting to know them. This was through various methods and a fair bit of guidance.
Then, she made me meet my Nan, and Grandad…to see how happy they are now, to know that they are ok and that it’s alright to move on and start now to begin to develop that confidence that stopped so long ago. This bit was tough. I almost lost it.

Anyhow. It’s not a ‘click and you’re done’ situation. My confidence will now, hopfully continue to grow. I’m standing up straighter and I have smiled a lot, which is not something I have been at all conscious of doing, I haven’t made that decision, it’s just happened, so I guess something went down.

I might go back for a second session, where she will teach me self-hypnosis so I can continue the work myself.

All I would say is that it’s worth a try. Don’t be sceptical, go in there with a willingness to believe that this might have a positive impact and just be open minded… you could walk out a different person.

9 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy

  1. MissLizSaraB says:

    It sounds like a really good first step x


  2. Leigh says:

    Well done for taking that first step towards helping yourself to feel better.



  3. Jo says:

    “not to internalise and just to be so interested in getting to know them”

    I liked that. I think that’s a really valid thing to remember. Quite often when we meet new people we’re so preoccupied with how they view us, what they think of how we look, what we’re wearing, how we act…that we forget the point of meeting people is to get to know *them* (and visa versa), so we should be focused on each other rather than ourselves. At least, that’s what I took from that bit 🙂 Good stuff, Pinkaboo x


  4. HC says:

    As a complete sceptic on this I am appreciative of someone trying to describe it. I suppose I should probably give it a whirl. I just need to find an area of my character I need to improve… Tough.


  5. Elle says:

    So glad that you actively try to make a difference. It sounds like it was a good experience for you and it’s great that you recognise that it isn’t a miracle cure and does take time. All the best.


  6. brooksey1981 says:

    I’ve been a cynic about hypnothearpy before but I know a friend whos confidence has been massively improved because of it. Hope it works out for you and gives you what you want from it.


  7. nuttycow says:

    Well done on being brave enough to take the first step. It sounds like, difficult as it was, you got a lot out of it. Go back for the second session – what have you go to lose?


  8. Sebastian says:

    Self-hypnosis? I didn’t know such a thing exists! Now I will have to research it…

    I hope it works for ya 🙂


  9. Date Girl says:

    It sounds like you are definitely headed in the right direction. Good for you! I’ve never been hypnotized but I think it would be very cool to try.


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