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Looky there. You don’t get anything decent from me for ages and then two posts come along at once. Not that I can promise it will be decent at all!

Now. I know i said no men and technically this doesn’t count but I thought I would tell you all about it anyway as it has me shaking my head in puzzlement a bit.

It would appear that I’m having a facebook romance.

Yes, you heard me. I have never met the guy. Mr LA (because funnily enough, he lives there). My friends met him years ago when they went travelling there. As the story goes, I got a message from my friend, with him included:

“PJB, this is Mr LA.”

To which I freaked out a little because I thought she was just trying to set me up without his say so. A phone call later and apparently he spotted me on their friends list and asked to be introduced because he’d ‘like to take me to LA and marry me’. Ok.

We chatted (facebook style) for a little while one evening but that was that until at the beginning of the year, he came over to the UK….but you know how it is, we just didn’t manage to meet up as he had requested.

Fast forward to July and I’d not heard anything from him until a message popped up in my inbox. He was here for a few weeks and still wanted to see me.
Please bear in mind that we’ve had minimal chatting time and know next to nothing about eachother.

When I said that I was away for the beginning of July:

“My plan of a summer of crazy love and romance is being squashed!Come back early and your every wish/desire will be fullfilled”

and when I said that he could always stay longer if he really wanted to see me:

“ok, its done! you have an incredibly sexy charm…..
i think you have unlocked a door that may not close”

and today, after he has left, without us having got a chance to meet yet again:

“We didn’t meet 😦 I need to come back more often. Bring yourself here now please, I need a morning snuggle with you”

It’s a little strange, and a little full on….but it’s actually quite nice. All the fun of a new romance without the hassle of it actually being one!

I wonder what would happen if we ever met.

11 thoughts on “‘social’ networking

  1. Jo says:

    I’d probably run a mile from that kinda weird shit, but whatever floats your boat 😀


  2. Zstep says:

    I’m guessing he’s at least three hundred pounds and has dead bodies in his basement. Besides, he’s from LA and as a proud Northen California native I can honestly say that anyone from Los Angeles is not worth knowing! Useless people, really.


  3. HC says:

    He’s clearly gay.


  4. hoverfrog says:

    Step away from the Internet and back away slowly.

    Or he might be lovely. It’s not easy to tell without meeting them.


  5. Helen says:

    Awww I wanted you to meet him! Boo to him leaving!


  6. Helen says:

    Also, why is the picture for me clearly a penis?! Hahaha


  7. Sebastian says:

    Ah, the ‘we should meet up!’ but… never meeting up.

    That’s happened to me a few times (with me perpetrating it). I always feel a bit dickish for not making the meet-up happen… but now that I’ve seen the female POV, perhaps I shouldn’t feel so bad 🙂


  8. Sounds intense! I’ve had internet romances. Some have gone somewhere, some haven’t, but they’ve always been larks. And I’ve remained friends with them all.


  9. nuttycow says:

    I can’t believe you’ve all failed to ask the vital question… is he hot?

    It does seem a little strange, I have to say but if it’s making you happy then hoorah!

    Keep us updated.


  10. Jo Don’t get me wrong, I find it all a bit odd but it’s a nice distraction.

    Zeke He’s English, just lives out there!

    HC Funnily enough, that’s what I thought too!

    Mr Frog Exactly, I don’t really like the meeting though, I get all nervous! I do like to hide behind my computer!

    Helen I fear it was never meant to be!

    Seb Sometimes, you don’t need the meet up…. it’s just nice to have someone there for a bit of flirty banter!

    Hooli Me too, I’ve had three internet boyfriends… this one is just a little odd, we know nothing about eachother but he seems to have a whole scenario in his head!

    Miss Cow He is actually pretty hot, yes!!


  11. I thought you had. Are you a bit freaked out by it?

    I think I’ve lost my bottle for internet romances actually – they do tend to take on a life of their own!


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