Reasons I am single #5624

Me: I saw the pictures of you in your suit, very nice.

Him: Did you like it?

Me: Yes but it would look better on my bedroom floor.

Clearly I have been single for so long that I am taking on the attitude of a man about it all.

This weekend….
Random chatty encounters and number exchanges with a man I don’t know = 1
Number of fumbly encounters with a guy who appears to be a bit smitten = 1
Very unexpected Facebook chats = 1
Requests for some action = 3

I wouldn’t say I’m going anywhere with any of them but my growing confidence is certainly doing something for me.

4 thoughts on “Reasons I am single #5624

  1. Soupy says:

    “Requests for some action = 3”

    How many times did you make the request and how many times were you asked for some action? ;P


  2. DiscoMcDisco says:

    Seeing as everyone else is going it, i’ll set a weekly reminder to ask… just on the off chance.


  3. DiscoMcDisco says:

    I meant doing, obviously.. :S


  4. Soupy I was asked three times, I made no requests!

    Russ Haha you never know!


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