Once more unto the breach

 I’ve spent so long complaing about guys. How they only want one thing. Wondering why it was that I seemed to only attract that kind of person.

I considered once somewhere on this blog that perhaps it was me. That I attracted those guys because that’s all I thought I was worth, I was unhappy with myself and I wasn’t ready for all that came with someone who felt anything more than the need for a quick fling with me.

Then I started to get happier, with myself, with who I am. More comfortable with it. That, as they say, is a story for another time.

As it happens, at some point just before Christmas, something changed. I manged to somewhow switch on my secret bat signal that only guys who were actually, genuinely interested could hear. Who knew such a thing existed?
In the space of a week, I had been asked on a date by three very nice, lovely, interested guys. I said no to them all. Not because I wasn’t ready or didn’t think I was worthy, but because they just weren’t quite right and I deserve that.

…there may just be a Mr Right. Maybe I will start to tell you about him. Or maybe I will keep things to myself for a while. Either way, I’m smiling again, finally, properly.

9 thoughts on “Once more unto the breach

  1. This makes my heart happy




  3. Katja says:

    Yay! About time too. x


  4. Leigh says:

    Good for you girly!


  5. smidgeSmidge says:

    Whoop! and yes wait until you meet the one that makes your heart ping, you are worth him x


  6. Thanks you guys 🙂


  7. hc says:

    Should’ve rocked it / them 😉


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