When you know, you know.

I think an accurate look inside my mind is easily achieved. No one can say they don’t know what I’m thinking about.

Just look at my Pinterest account and you’ll see it all laid out there.

In all honesty, there is one thing that occupies my mind 99% of the time at the moment….and I’m not sure how that goes down with most people.

The future. The wedding. The house. The babies.

The Fella and I have been together almost 6 months, a comparatively short amount of time, I agree. We talk about the future a lot and we’re very excited that we get to be part of eachothers and that we want the same things.

I can see the look on people’s faces when he and I openly make refrence to ‘when we get married’ or ‘when we have a baby’, it’s shock. Looks passed between eachother and whispers when my back is turned.

In all honesty, I am in shock myself. I had pretty much given up on ever finding someone, let alone someone like him. I’ve been through a lot to get here and likewise for him too, probably even more so. We deserve to be happy.

I go through a range of emotions when people react the way they do: smug, embarrassed, self conscious and then a bit of anger. Yes, it’s quick but who are they to judge.

Like The Fella himself said,

“They say when you know, you know. I know.”

8 thoughts on “When you know, you know.

  1. Blonde says:

    Precisely the same with mine. We’ve been together a year, we live together, we’ve had the wedding discussion. As you say: when it’s right, why pretend otherwise?


  2. The way I see it, we’re not kids any more (me more so that him!) and we’re not getting any younger. We both want the same thing, so why is it so bad that it’s happening when we want and not when other people think it should?


  3. Helen says:

    Same. People think I’m/we’re mental. Why wait when you know it’s right?!? 😀


  4. I suppose – in all honesty – if it was a good friend of mine who had been burned in the past and was talking babies and marriage with a bloke they’d known for 6 months, that I’d have the same reaction (probably not the behind back talking or snide looks, but a few words of caution to dole out). But having not been “there” myself (at this age, anyway) then you’re right – who is anyone to judge? My overriding thought and hope would be to be happy for them, and that I’d be proved entirely wrong. Good on you both for knowing what you want.


  5. pikz says:

    Ignore them. I met Boy, we got together, he emigrated and moved in with me within 5 months. When you know you know. We both did and we then we bought a house within a year, got enagaged the following year and bump will arrive the end of this year. Timescales are what you decide them to be. xx


  6. H exactly, I think if it weren’t for money, it would already be happening.

    Jo Oh I’m aware of the cautions. I’ve never really talked openly about this stuff with a guy I’ve been with and I take my lead from him a lot of the time, otherwise, based on past experience, I’d keep my mouth shut about it all!

    pikz The worst offender is actually my sister…. but then she took 10 years to even get engaged!


  7. j says:

    I meton of my best friend’s fella two weeks after they started dating. Another friend and I figured that they would be engaged within 3 months. As it turned out she ended up pregnant within those three months… a shock and a bit of an accident. However, they are now happily married with a 5 year old and a newborn. The best part is that they are one of those couples that I admire and I only hope that I can have a relationship like theirs. I could go on for pages about how lovely they are but I think you get the point. When you know you know…and it sounds like you know.


  8. pinkjellybaby says:

    j Although my close friends have always said that they think with me, when it happens, it will happen quick…. I kind of get the impression they weren’t sure if it would happen. I’m curious to see what their reactions will be when we do get engaged, as some of them have been together for years and still aren’t.


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