You always get those complete arsehats, don’t you, you know the ones with their “You won’t find someone until you stop looking” and “It will happen when you least expect it”. We sit there and roll our eyes and think ‘oh do fuck off’….. but you know what (and I would never ever say this to one of them), it’s true.

I had honestly given up. After a string of utter arseholes – a lot of which you knew about – I’d just got to the point where I knew they were taking me for a ride, I knew I was letting them walk all over me and I wasn’t prepared to take it any more for the sake of having someone, anyone.

I would have rather been alone, and happily alone, than spend one more day wondering why they hadn’t text me back or if I’d said something to accidentally make them think I liked them more than I should.

I was happy with my own company, in my little flat with my little cat. The epitome of cat lady. 

It hadn’t been long really, a month or so at the most into my acceptance of my cat lady fate. The enjoyment of my own company, being able to spend my time how I pleased, not jumping every time my phone went or waiting for a reply. A little bit of a hermit at the best of times, I guess I was letting myself revel in it.

I even had to be convinced to go to the party, I wanted to stay home with a bottle of wine and some party nibbles. I’m so very very glad that I did go. New Years Eve 2011.

It was just right, from the very second it happened. No games, no wondering. Just straight up wonderful. That’s how it should be.

Two pieces of a puzzle that were made to be together.

People, don’t settle because you don’t want to be alone. Don’t worry that you will never find someone. Don’t go out there scanning the crowd for the person you think will make the world make sense. It WILL happen, when it’s supposed to, with exactly who it’s supposed to happen with.

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  1. Lpeg says:

    YES!!! I’ve changed my views on “you need to stop looking” as well. Just let it happen. You never know 🙂


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