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Small but mighty

When we decided one Saturday night that we absolutely HAD to make caipirinhas, our Kenwood smoothie maker wasn’t best impressed at the bag of ice that we chucked at it. So much so that after that, it couldn’t even manage a frozen strawberry or two.

Of we popped to Lakeland, my Aladdin’s cave, to find a replacement. At first, our eye was caught by the bigger, meaty looking machines but nestled in the corner was the little Tefal ‘Fruit Sensation’. Being someone who is magnetically drawn to anything in miniature (tiny toiletries are just so much more fun, aren’t they?!), I wanted it straight away.
17867_1We stood and um-d and ah-d about it for about twenty minutes, unsure that it’s small stature would mean that it couldn’t cope with our frozen fruit and ice but as we don’t have a lot of counter space in our kitchen, we loved that it didn’t take up a whole lot of space.

A very helpful chap sold it for us, and here’s a great tip for  you –  in Lakeland, if you change your mind about something that you have bought even if it’s just because you have decided that it doesn’t go with your kitchen any more, you can take it back and change it for something else. Just keep the box, all the bits and pieces and your receipt and you can go back and say ‘this didn’t like when we put ice in it’ and get one that does!

As it turns out, this little machine is amazing. Stick frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries in it – no problem. Chuck in a whole frozen banana – no problem either. It all clips apart and washes easily. Makes two small glasses or one big glass, so you’re not forever making too much. Also comes with smaller choppers for nuts, herbs, fresh fruit….it’s a wonder. I’m looking forward to making a few little batches of soup in it come the winter.

Tefal Fruit Sensation, £39.99

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