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My bridal prep and wedding skincare

I am and have always been a complete product junkie, so the wedding was a great opportunity to try out some lovely skincare products and make sure that I had a great base for my make up artist to work with.

I started using these a good few months before the wedding to give my skin time to have a new cycle and really get used to the new products. I really loved them all and will continue to use them for now – until I find new ones I want to try!
photo (1)1. Ponds Cold Cream, less than £5. I’m sure I’ve told you about this before, here. It’s cheap, it feels wonderful and makes my skin really soft. Gets rid of even the thickest makeup. I use a warm or a cool flannel to rinse depending on how I’m feeling – it will ruin your flannel though. Most often on offer in Superdrug.

2. Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask, £15. I only got this about three weeks before the wedding in place of an exfoliator (my skin is too soft and reacts badly to grainy ones) but I think it made a difference in a short time. Fairly pricey for just 50ml but you don’t need to use it every day, twice a week perhaps with your hot cloth to rinse. Worthwhile investment.

3. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, £14. Or as you and I would call it, toner. I use this every night after cleansing and I think it just helps balance my skin out and keep it free from blemishes. Doesn’t make your skin feel tight like some toners can, just nice and fresh. Decent size bottle that lasts quite a while.

4. REN Radicance Perfection Serum, £35. Ok, it’s not cheap but I’d read a great write up and I don’t think I was disappointed. I got this a month before the wedding, I use it morning and night before my moisturiser and I still have probably about a week’s worth left…and I’d buy it again. Was torn between this and the Flash Rinse which everyone is raving about. It evened out my skin tone and made it seem brighter.

5. AVON ANew Clinical Eye Lift Pro, £10 (usually £19.50). Possible the best money I have ever spent. There are two sections in this pot, one orange jelly-type cream for above the eye – brow bone and eyelid and one thick cream for the under eye area. Brilliant and fast acting, I noticed a difference, particularly in the brow bone area within days of using this. I have deep-set, slightly hooded eyes and this miracle cream lifted and tightened my brows.

6. AVON ANew Vitale Day and Night cream, £19.50 each (when I bought them, got one for £5 when I purchased the other). I will say straight off that I wouldn’t recommend these for someone with sensitive skin or eyes as they are VERY perfumed and even my skin took a few days to get used to them. However, once it had, I must say it’s lovely. Smoothed out a few of my very fine lines and I think it has pretty much got rid of any visible pores. Not too thick or oily but I’d say for people with normal/combination or dry skin.

7. Revitalash, £65 with p&p (will last a good few months). I think this is a bit of a marmite product as I’ve seen some people give bad reviews as they have had reactions etc. However, I didn’t – I just got amazingly long, lovely lashes without the need for extensions. It’s expensive but has lasted me ages and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again when this one runs out! Just pop a very small amount along the last line before bed and watch them grow.

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