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The Cult Beauty stash

The one where I spend loads of money on skincare so you don’t have to. I was after some new skincare to fulfill my resolution for the year to look after my skin. The guys at Cult Beauty were really helpful on Twitter and gave some recommendations based on my skin issues. 

So, what did I think?

Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and exfoliating seeds (I bought this direct from EH because I wanted the exfoliating seeds too)- you can’t do much of anything without seeing someone talking about this stuff. After using it for a few weeks, I can say that I love it but don’t feel like my skin can cope with it every day so it’s become more of a skincare treat for me. It smells like you’re in a spa and feels like a total luxury when you use it (especially if you get the free candles too!). Mixed with these little exfoliating seeds and suddenly you have an amazing smelling scrub. The flannel/muslin that you get is far better than any other counterparts I’ve used (Liz Earle and Aurelia). I’d definitely buy this again but go easy if you have tempremental skin. I’d LOVE if they started selling the candles because if fill my home with them. From here, £38 and £15

DNA Renewal foaming gel – I wanted to love this, I really did. It looks like it’s going to work and promises a lot. Sadly I think it was too potent for my skin, it also didn’t foam as much as I’d like and instead of a nice refreshing scent, it kind of smells chemical. On a side note, the tube may look good but trying to store it is a nightmare. From here, £17.50

Eos lip balm – I loved this, until someone told me that in the US there is some kind of law suit against them because they’ve been making people’s lips sore. Not sure on that one (I loved it on use but did find that my lips got drier than normal after) but I’d like it if they perhaps came up with a new formula that didn’t because then I would never be without one ever again. From here, £5.99

Resultime eye cream – This one is tough because I’ll be the first to admit that I do actually expect miracles from eye creams. However the eye area is much less dry and I think there’s been an improvement in lines as well as my eye makeup staying on better. Those lines are still there however which is why I’m not 100% sold. I want an eye cream that makes me look 21 again. I’ll use up the pot but wouldn’t rush to buy it again. From here, £37

Roques Oneil Therapie detox salts – They’re expensive. They’re a luxury. You feel a bit gut wrenched every time you use some because you’re having a £6 bath or something. BUT it’s totally worth it. Totally. They honestly make you sleep like a baby, better than a baby, like the dead. I even talked about them here. Buy here, £37

MV Organics jojoba oil – Again I’m not 100% sold for silly reasons but I think I would buy it again. I’ve been using this to take off my eye makeup because it apparently conditions your lashes (mine are sparse and brittle) and is a great moisturiser for the eye area. It feels like a bit of a con getting a tiny bottle of this oil because you need a good four drops each time. However it takes makeup off with ease, even waterproof stuff and I have noticed a difference in my lashes, it also is lasting a surprisingly long time. I would love if they found some way to actually package this up into an actual eye makeup remover. From here, £29

I think only the jojoba oil would make it into my regular skincare routine. The EH balm would be a treat (I wouldn’t panic if I ran out) and the Therapie salts are on all of my wish lists (bit too expensive to buy yourself all the time). I’m all for more companies providing samples of things, even for a small price, so that people like me don’t end up wasting a load of money!

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