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As with people who have babies, and suddenly have all the things to tell you that you have ‘no idea’ about, so it is when you get married. Suddenly I feel I have a little wisdom to impart, that I wish someone had told me years ago.

I was sat with my head craned backwards in the sink at the hairdressers last week when I ended up talking to the girl washing my hair about New Years Eve and single friends, and men.

As it turns out, she finds herself with a string of ‘bad relationships’, which is not unfamiliar to me and this is my take on it.

One day, you’ll be married and feeling like you’re getting old, soft around the middle and crinkly round the eyes. When that day comes, you will suddenly wish that you hadn’t spend all of your young and single time worrying if he was ‘The One’ or if he likes you or if you’d ever meet the person who is ’The One’ and had just spent it having the most amazing time.

Don’t worry about meeting the love of your life or that all your friends are meeting people and you’re not. Don’t spend all of your nights out looking for a guy, scanning the crowd for someone who might just be him. Don’t waste tears and time on men who don’t call or text you back.

Go out, flirt with everyone, talk to new people, do new things, smile, laugh, drink too much and dance all night. Do things that you want to do, for you. Enjoy being by yourself and really learn about who you are as a person, without needing someone else to complete you.

Because one day, you’ll have met ‘The One’, despite thinking that you never would, and you’ll wish you hadn’t wasted all that time worrying and had just had an amazing time been your fabulous self.

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Live Wire

There’s things that excite me, about you.

The way even across a crowded bar, I can feel you there. I turn and I can tell how much you want me, your eyes are undressing me.

How your lips curve up into that delicious smile. I glimpse your teeth, neat and white and I imagine them biting my nipples.

That when you’re walking towards me, I catch my breath and my stomach somersaults. I imagine you pushing my up against the wall.

When it’s loud in the bar, you lean down and whisper my name. It’s almost a growl. Your arm round my waist pulls me closer and your hand on the bare flesh of my back is like electricity.

How your touch pulses through me. Your breath on my neck. Shivers down my spine. Goosebumps.

Your lips graze my jaw, your tongue parts my lips and I am lost.

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